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Face Your Criminal Charges

Dealing with criminal charges? You'll need a criminal law attorney by your side. Shenberg Law Group LLC can represent you in Atlanta, GA. Our lead attorney is a former Atlanta police officer and Red Dog officer, so he has extensive experience in the criminal field. You can turn to him for representation for DUI, traffic law, drug, probation violation, assault, battery and burglary cases. He also helps clients obtain restraining and protective orders.

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The consequences of a criminal conviction

Any kind of criminal charge is a serious matter. With a criminal conviction, you could:

  • Spend time in jail or prison
  • Have to pay extensive fines
  • Limit your future employment opportunities

Your criminal law attorney will work with you to examine every aspect of your case and determine a course for defense. With an attorney on your side, you can protect your rights. Call 4043250062 now if you need a DUI attorney and/or a criminal defense attorney.