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Divorce and settling custody aren't easy processes. When you need a child custody attorney in Atlanta, GA, trust Shenberg Law Group LLC. We represent clients dealing with everything from custody disputes to domestic violence cases.

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Helping you care for your children

Taking care of your children during or after a divorce can be difficult. You'll want a child custody attorney to work on behalf of their best interests. We can assist with:

  • Legitimation - to legally recognize your children
  • Child custody - to determine how you and the other parent will split your responsibilities
  • Custody modifications - to make adjustments to an existing custody arrangement
  • Temporary protective orders-  In order to safeguard you and your children from dometic violence.

You can also turn to us when you need a divorce attorney. We'll represent you throughout this entire process to help you make a wise decision for your family. CAll 4043250062 or email us today if you need a divorce attorney.